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Our Founders

Fatuma Ahmed

Fatuma worked at Rochester Public School as an assistant teacher. She had a very good experience working with children. She took a step back in her career to care for her family.

Why Pamoja? As Fatuma migrated to the USA, she had a notion of what life should be. Sadly, reality and realization are not the same. She was fortunate that she could communicate in English to navigate her new environment. However, there are other challenges many migrants face including adapting to the weather, loneliness, missing their families and feeling anxious for the many barriers ahead of them.

Based on her experience as she navigated her way. She promised to have a place where women or girls could be comfortable. A place where no one will be judged but rather embraced and welcomed.

Khadija Ali

Khadija came to the United States her junior year of high school from Canada to help her aunts take care of her grandparents who had Stroke and Alzheimer’s.” My community places a significant value on family and traditions, and it is an expectation to take care of the elderly in the family.” She holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Winona State University.

She was an Outreach specialist and taught classes in health promotion and Teen sexual health. She has an amazing experience teaching the future generation about health and well-being. Khadija, took a break in her career to raise her children and build her family. The career break did not stop her as she continues to help her Somali community by volunteering her time and expertise to provide resources and opportunities.

Why Pamoja? “To start an organization that helps and empowers women of East African heritage was once a dream that is now a reality.” Khadija and Fatma had the vision and spoke about it many times. As for Pamoja Women, with endless ambition and passion, we say that there is no limit.