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Our Services

We are a one-stop resource place for women in the East African community.

General Services

Translation Services

Pamoja provides oral and written translation services. The ability to communicate to a global audience with the assistance of another woman is very important to our organization. We provide the best services to our clients while maintaining their privacies and empowering them.

Cultural Awareness

At Pamoja, we believe that knowledge, awareness, and acceptance of other cultures and cultural identities are critical to success. We take pride in our culture and we are happy to share our backgrounds, identities, and festivals with others. We organize and facilitate events to share our culture with others.

Women's Health Program

Each week, we have medical practitioners who volunteer to speak at Pamoja about women’s health. We talk about several topics including common symptoms of major diseases, stress management, self-management, women’s health, family management, preventive care, and other related topics.

Education & Outreach

Pamoja Women’s Education & Outreach program aims to provide evidence-based mental health and wellness skills to our community. We work to decrease the stigma around mental health issues and increase access to care. We also provide other education and outreach around other topics in our communities. Please reach out to us for more information

New Mom Visit

A child is a blessing to every family, but it can be a challenge for new moms who are trying to navigate the changes in their lives. We catch up with new moms with the bundle of joy in our communities and help them navigate their new roles as new mothers.

Sisters' Circle

We believe that women play unique roles in our community and have unique needs. We meet every Friday to discuss ways to meet the unique needs of women from across the African diaspora communities. We share insightful ideas on how to meet the needs of the women in our communities.

Minority PTA

We organize and host Parent Teacher meetings during the school year. We partner with the Rochester Public Schools to answer some important questions that parents in our community could have regarding the education of their children. We also coordinate with RPS to implement culturally sensitive suggestions from our parents and teachers.

Youth & Kids’ Program

Youth Girls Swimming

Youth Girls Soccer Program

Youth Girls Basketball Program

Youth Counseling

After-school Homework Assistance