About Us

Pamoja is a Swahili word that means united. Pamoja Women amplifies the voices of women and girls of East African heritage as we unite the community. Women are the backbone of the family, and family is the foundation of the community. We work to empower women and improve their lives through various means. We empower women by building their confidence and give them the platform to create opportunities to build the future of their families.

Women from the East African region face challenges within and outside their communities due to race, gender, language, religion, and many others. These challenges create barriers that limit and prevent them from fulfilling their potential. As women from East Africa with families, Fatma and Khadija
understand the challenges of the women from the region in the United States.

Based on personal experiences and desire for change, Fatuma and Khadija have been volunteering to provide resources and assistance to women in the community since 2018. They formalized Pamoja Women as a non-profit under the fiscal sponsorship of the Diversity Council in 2021. The organization
exists to help women navigate the obstacles so that they can flourish and build their families.

To make a difference, we do not have to accept our circumstances, rather we must stand for what we believe. To all women out there, believe you are beautiful, strong, powerful, talented, able and capable of changing the world. We want you to always remember Pamoja will always have your back.

Our Mission

Liberate and empower women and girls of East African heritage.
We intend to have a platform to address issues and concerns, create interests, and provide opportunities
for women to spread their wings, be limitless, and prosper.

Our Vision

Become a resource center that advocates, represents and meets the needs of women of all ages.
We want to become an advocate for women irrespective of their ages or stage in lives.

Our Values

  • Trust: We build Pamoja Women on the principle of honesty and transparency. We want people to believe our works and know that we will honor our commitments and fulfill our promises.
  • Passion: We strongly believe in the talents and contributions of women to society. We are
    committed to growing the community through confident and empowered females.
  • Understanding: Apart from the general issues, everyone faces unique challenges and we
    approach individual issues with care and understanding.


We appreciate donation from anyone interested in supporting our works as we make life easier for women and girls of Easter African heritage.